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DACHOWA roofing membranes

The roofing membranes are used as initial roofing material for inclined roofs.

DACHOWAThey prevent penetration of rain and snow into thermal insulation and roof structure. They protect from condensate forming under primary roofing.

Additionally, thanks to high-vapour permeability, they keep the entire roof dry, which is of particular importance for energy savings in biuldings.

Also they are for full sheathing!

Advantages of DACHOWA roofing membranes:

  • high and uniform vapour permeability,
  • high elasticy and lightweight to facilitate installation,
  • waterproof, sealing the roof,
  • very high mechanical durability,
  • very high resistance to UV radiation,
  • wide product range to facilitate the choice of a proper membrane,
  • complete information available for proper installation.

Additional protection for your roof

Roof membranes provide additional security against adverse weather conditions, extending the lifespan of your roof.

Easy installation and quick assembly

The installation of these membranes is fast and straightforward, significantly reducing the time required for roof installation.

Long-term investment in the security of your home

Investing in DACHOWA roof membranes represents a long-term investment in the security and durability of your home.

Aesthetic adaptability

In addition to functionality, these membranes come in various colors and textures, allowing you to customize the appearance of your roof.

Meeting the highest quality standards

DACHOWA roof membranes meet the strictest quality standards, ensuring reliable protection over an extended period.

Quality and reliability guarantee

As leaders in the roofing materials industry, DACHOWA stands behind its products, offering a guarantee of quality and reliability for each membrane.

Expert support and consultation

Our team of experts is here to provide you with support and consultation regarding the selection, installation, and maintenance of DACHOWA roof membranes, ensuring optimal results and long-lasting protection for your roof.

DACHOWA roof membrane options

material PP
Mass [g/m2] 115+/-20
Sd – diffusively equivalent air layer thickness (m) 



Tearing resistance [N / 5cm]

along 230(+60/- 80)

across 150 (+60/- 80)

Elongation by tearing  [%] along 70 (+/-40)
across 90 (+/-40)
Water tightness W1
Standard dimensions on a roll (m)  1,6m x 50m
Reaction to fire E- d2