Insects pose a serious challenge to orchards, vegetable gardens, and greenhouses worldwide. One effective way to protect crops from harmful insects is through the use of insect screens. These screens have become a popular choice among farmers due to their practicality and effectiveness.

Moles are often a source of frustration for gardeners, destroying lawns and garden areas. In search of an effective solution, many turn to mole barriers as a preventive measure.

Low vapor permeable membranes represent a high-tech material that provides effective protection and optimal moisture regulation within the roofing system.

Roof membranes are a crucial initial material for pitched roofs, providing necessary protection against atmospheric elements. DACHOWA roof membranes represent a top choice for maintaining your roof dry and functional. Here's why they are so important:

High and uniform vapor permeability

One of the main advantages of the DACHVENT 100 roof membrane is its high and uniform vapor permeability. This characteristic enables optimal air circulation beneath the roof, contributing to the preservation of the structure's health.