The use of film for packaging of various products gives almost unlimited possibilities due to the huge technological potential in this field. The Marma Polskie Folie products are used by the chemical industry (e. g. open bags, valve bags), the building materials industry (e. g. plastic sleeves, tapes), the food industry (e. g. certified barrier films) and many others. The foil printing and processing department for various types of packaging is closely related to this group of products. Polskie Folie offers full possibilities of printing on its products and providing services in this area. Printing is made flexographic printing technique using the latest technological solutions. This gives you the opportunity to create from simple designs to complex graphic designs containing raster (photo) themes.

Valve bags, often made from polyethylene, are a popular choice in industrial production for packaging bulk and granular materials. These bags offer a practical and efficient solution for containing a wide range of products, from chemicals and fertilizers to food items like grains and powders. The «valve» in their name refers to a one-way valve mechanism that allows for easy filling and secure sealing, reducing the risk of spillage and contamination during transportation and storage. This design also makes valve bags a sustainable choice, as they are generally reusable and can be made from recyclable materials. Their versatility, strength, and convenience have made valve bags an essential packaging solution for various industries.

Large group of products of diversified level of technological advancement, is intended for agriculture and horticulture. It covers wide range of products: from films for simple applications, such as covering silage piles, to complicated multi-layered tunnel films, and special ones, stabilized against UV radiation.

Insulation and construction films are a group of products broadly used in the construction industry. Products from this group are used in buildings from the foundations to the roof. They act as anti-moisture insulation (Izol Bud films), anti-condensation insulation (Vapour Regulator) and active water vapor removal (high vapor permeable Roof membranes and Roof Screens).

Polypropylene fabrics, due to our ability to adjust the basis weight, width and color, are offered in a wide assortment range. We produce both coated and uncoated fabrics. These products have a wide range of application, including in the furniture industry, confectionery (for sewing sacks, bags, containers, BIG-BAGS), construction and mining.

Polyolefin nets are durable, light, non-corrosive; they prove themselves perfect to be used as: fences, protection of trees and shrubs, strengthening of grounds, slopes and earthworks.