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Vapour-permeable MSL 98

Vapor-permeable membrane MSL 98 is a crucial element for pitched roof constructions, providing reliable protection against water leakage and maintaining thermal insulation shielded from external dampness. In this context, it is important to understand how MSL 98 effectively prevents potential damages that may arise from water and moisture.

Description of MSL 98: multilayered product for complete safety

Vapour-permeable MSL 98

When it comes to describing the vapor-permeable membrane MSL 98, the emphasis is placed on its ability to provide comprehensive protection for roof constructions. This bilayered product exhibits exceptional tear resistance, considering that one of its layers consists of a robust polypropylene fabric. This characteristic contributes to the longevity and reliability of MSL 98 in various weather conditions.

Standards and certifications: MSL film quality according to EN 13859-1:2005

MSL membrane complies with stringent European standards, specifically defined in EN 13859-1:2005.

Application of MSL 98: diverse possibilities in construction projects

Vapor-permeable membrane MSL 98 stands out with its versatile application in various construction projects. Whether it is a new construction or renovation, MSL 98 provides efficient protection and contributes to extending the lifespan of roof constructions. Its easy application makes it an exceptionally useful material for a wide range of architectural solutions.

MSL 98 distinguishes itself not only by its functionality but also by its ecological profile. Materials used in production are carefully selected to minimize environmental impact, making MSL 98 a responsible choice in the construction industry.

Future of vapor-permeable membranes: innovations in MSL technology

With continuous advancements in construction technology, innovations in the domain of vapor-permeable membranes are expected. MSL 98, as a pioneer in its class, sets the groundwork for future developments. Keeping abreast of new technological achievements and employing the latest materials makes MSL 98 a reliable choice for those seeking top-notch quality and long-lasting results.

In conclusion, vapor-permeable membrane MSL 98 not only provides immediate protection for roof constructions but also sets standards for sustainability and innovation in the construction industry. By investing in MSL 98, you are investing in safety, durability, and environmental preservation.

Options for MSL vapor-permeable membrane.


MSL 98

Surface mass

98 g/m2

Tearing resistance

  • lengthwise
  • crosswise


675 +/-400 N/50mm
850 +/-650 N/50mm

Elongation by rupture

  • lengthwise
  • crosswise



Crosswise elongation

  • before artificial ageing
  • after artificial ageing



Sd – equivalent air layer

≤ 1m

Technical approval


Roll size

1,5 x 50 m