Film for gardening and agriculture

Shade Netting

Shade Netting (nets) is widely applied in horticulture, nursery and forestry.

Horticultural Slit Sleeves

They are used for general applications in horticulture: for covering, shielding and protecting from external factors.

Energy screens

Perfect for hanging in horticultural tunnels to improve thermal conditions.

Infiltrate mats

Sorbing mats are intended for use in gardening by production of flower beds, potted flowers and chrysanthemums.

Horticultural adhesive tape

The tape may be perfectly applied for polyethylene film sealing and gluing, for tunnel reparations or film sheet fastening.

Procective caps and sleeve

PROTECTIVE CAPS made of agro-textile are a convenient way to protect single plants since they are suitable for plants of different sizes and provided with a tape to allow fixing the cap after it is placed on the plant.