Film for gardening and agriculture

Extra strong black and black / white

Black and black / white three-layer prism films — 120 and 150 µm.

Extra strong black and blackFilms with enhanced physical and mechanical parameters, for general applications in agriculture, horticulture, building industry etc.

The black-and-white film is characterized by increased light reflection properties, which improve the microclimate under the film and allow maintaining better conditions for protected material.

Colour: black, black-white.
Thickness: 120 i 150 µm.
Width: 6-16 m.
Roll width: 85-310 m.

width (m) 6 8 10 12
lenght(m) 33;50;200;300 33;50;200;300 33;50;200;300 33;50;200;300
colour black-white black-white black-white black-white
lenght of the roll (cm) 85 110 165 165