Woven bags

Polypropylene bags made of round and flat threads prove their value as a durable packaging for many loose products from various industries.

Woven bagsThe structure of the weave of the polypropylene fabric ensures breathability of the bag, which is important for «breathable» products. The use of a polyethylene insert makes the bag dustproof and the substances protected against getting wet. The bag made of coated PP fabric ensures dustproofness. It is possible to make side tabs in the bag, which improves stackability of filled bags on pallets.

Packing unit: bale.
Color: white, yellow, blue, others.
Width: 40 - 80 cm.
Height: 45 - 125 cm.

The traditional color of the bags is white, yellow and blue. Other colors can be agreed upon individual order with minimum production. The standard width of the bags is 50, 55, 60, 63, 65 cm. The maximum height of the bag — 125cm. Other widths of bags (40, 45, 70, 80cm) can be produced on individual order while maintaining the minimum production. It is possible to make bags with larger dimensions (above 80×125cm), however, these will be bags with a side seam. It is possible to print on the bags (up to 3 colors) in accordance with the customer’s requirements and design.


for grain and milling industry, fodder industry,

for the sugar industry,

for the chemical industry, also for hazardous materials requiring a UN certificate,

and others such as sand, hops, feathers, plastics, metal elements, etc.

The bags are produced in the following versions:


Woven bags

With thermally cut edge
(without hem)


Woven bags

With a hemmed edge
(with hem)

Woven bags

With PE insert

Woven bags

With valve

Woven bags

With valve and PE insert


Woven bags

With side tabs
(used in coated bags)


Technical data of round-woven bags:

Width 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 63, 65, 70, 80 [cm]
Height 45 - 125 [cm]
Dimensional tolerance +/-2% wg. BN-85/7671-03
Polypropylene fabric Uncoated / coated / with PE liner
The surface density of the fabric 60 - 125 g/m2 (standard, 60 g/m2)
Coating density 30 g/m2
Inlet type Open / valved
Option Without hem / with hem
Without pleats / pleats
Bag color White / yellow / blue (others to be agreed)
Overprint 1, 2, 3 colorful
UV stabilization 0 - 2,5 UV (possible 2x2,5UV)
Group packaging bale of 500 pcs or 700 pcs (bale does not exceed 100 kg