Film for gardening and agriculture

Films for special crops

Modified three-layer film of an increased mechanical strength, UV-stabilized.

It reduces the ground heat loss, maintains the proper level of moisture, structure and fertility of the soil, reduces the amount of fertilizer being washed out, contributes to an earlier development of flowers and increases crops.

Commercial form: roll.
Colour: black-black-white.


Width and thickness
[m x mm]

marketing formadditional information
For controlled
black full coverage 6×0,08 roll 30-50 kg For temporal plant
coverage to speed up
their vegetation
For controlled
AGRO-STER black and white three layered



roll 70, 120 i 300 m

For temporal plant
coverage to speed up
their vegetation
For mulching the soil black 1,2×0,055
roll 160 i 1000 m Particularly useful for
cucumber crops
together with
strawberry in field patches
For mulching the soil Mulching film
black and white
3,4 ; 3,6 ; 4,35 ;4,7×0,04; 0,045; 0,05 roll 300 i 400 m Three layered film with a
light reflex
For soilless
AGRO-BAL black-white according to customer’s
sacks Three-layered, used in
soilless crops to be filled with
peat, mineral wool, coconut fibres.