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Roofing screen WŁOCHATY 265

Roofing membranes represent an enhanced version of traditional materials used during the initial roof covering. While maintaining their primary purpose, these membranes are more reliable and durable, even in the most demanding conditions and on the most challenging roof surfaces.

Improved roofing membranes WŁOCHATY 265: resilience and efficiency

Roofing screen WŁOCHATY 265

Innovative technologies in production

"Marma Polskie Folie" manufactures WŁOCHATY 265 roofing membranes, standing out with a combination of high durability and excellent breathability, thanks to the latest technological advancements in the field.

Advantages of WŁOCHATY 265 roofing membranes:

  • High and uniform breathability: these membranes provide exceptional breathability, ensuring an optimal environment beneath the roof.
  • High elasticity and low weight: their high elasticity facilitates installation, while their low weight further eases handling during the installation process.
  • Waterproofing and roof sealing: WŁOCHATY 265 roofing membranes guarantee waterproofing, offering exceptional protection against water and effective sealing of the entire roofing system.
  • Very high mechanical durability: this type of membrane boasts impressive mechanical durability, extending the lifespan of the roof and shielding it from potential damages.
  • Very high UV radiation resistance: engineered with strong resistance to UV radiation, these roofing membranes maintain material integrity over time.
  • Wide product selection: a broad range of available products simplifies the selection of the appropriate membrane based on specific needs and requirements.

How to choose the right roofing membrane for your needs?

Selecting the right roofing membrane plays a crucial role in the long-term protection of your home. When making a decision, it is essential to consider several key factors.

  1. Roof type: different roof types require different types of membranes. Tailor your choice according to the specific characteristics of your roof.
  2. Climate conditions: consider local climate conditions when choosing a membrane to provide adequate protection against rain, snow, wind, and other elements.
  3. Budget: set a clear budget for the purchase and installation of roofing membranes. Different products may vary in price, but it's crucial to consider long-term benefits.
  4. Warranty and maintenance: check warranty conditions and maintenance recommendations to ensure a long lifespan and optimal functionality.
  5. Consultation with experts: if unsure which roofing membrane to choose, consult with experts in the field. They will provide valuable advice and recommendations based on the specifics of your property.
  6. Technical specifications: examine the technical specifications of different membranes to ensure they meet the specific requirements of your roof.

Options of roof screens WŁOCHATY 265

material PP
Mass [g/m2] 265/+/-20
Sd – diffusively equivalent air layer thickness (m) 



Tearing resistance [N / 5cm]

along 500 (+/-200)

across 550 (+/-200)

Elongation by tearing  [%] along 60 (+40/-30)
across 80 (+40/-30)
Water tightness W1
Standard dimensions on a roll (m)  1,6m x 25m
Reaction to fire E -d2

Conclusion: Achieve Perfect Harmony with Your Roof

WŁOCHATY 265 roofing membranes offer exceptional features that make your roof durable and efficient. Through careful consideration in selection, installation, and maintenance, you can achieve a perfect harmony between the functionality and aesthetics of your home. Pay attention to details and invest in quality because a long-lasting roof means prolonged peace and security for your home.