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Vapour insulation MPF

Paroizolacija MPF is a vital part of every roof insulation. Its role is to prevent moisture from penetrating from the interior space into the thermal insulation layer, thereby ensuring the longevity and reliability of roof structures.

The significance of MPF vapor barrier

Vapour insulation MPF Vapour-insulation is a necessary part of roof insulation. Its task is not to admit the arising indoor dampness to reach the thermal insulation layer.

Vapor barrier is an integral part of roof insulation. Its task is to prevent moisture from the enclosed space from reaching the thermal insulation layer.

Paroizolacija MPF represents a multi-layer system that ensures the impermeability of the roof. As an essential part of architectural planning, this foil provides optimal protection against harmful external influences, such as precipitation and humidity.

Advantages of high quality

Manufactured from high-quality materials, Paroizolacija MPF provides security and durability for roofing systems. Its high-performance characteristics ensure efficient insulation, contributing to the energy efficiency of buildings and reducing heating or cooling costs.

Installation and maintenance

The installation of Paroizolacija MPF is simple and efficient, allowing for quick implementation in construction projects. Additionally, minimal maintenance requirements make it an ideal choice for property owners seeking long-term solutions with minimal operational costs.

Efficient moisture barrier

The key function of Paroizolacija MPF is to create an efficient barrier that prevents moisture from penetrating the roof structure. This is crucial for preserving the integrity of the roof system, preventing potential issues such as mold growth, decay of wooden parts, or material deformation.

Flexibility and adaptability

Paroizolacija MPF is characterized by its flexibility and adaptability to different types of constructions. Whether it's sloped roofs or flat surfaces, this foil can easily adapt to the specific requirements of each project.

Resistance to extreme conditions

Tested under various conditions, Paroizolacija MPF demonstrates high resistance to extreme temperatures, UV radiation, and mechanical loads. These properties ensure a durable and reliable roof system even in the most demanding conditions.


In summary, Paroizolacija MPF is an indispensable element of every quality roof construction. Its ability to effectively block moisture intrusion, as well as its resistance to extreme conditions, make it the ideal choice for investors and property owners seeking safety, durability, and environmental sustainability.

Description of paroizolacija MPF

It is a high quality product that gives security guarantee for the roof.


coefficient SD
winding colour
2,7 50 0,20 82 +150/-70 m Vapour insulation MPF yellow
marking PN-EN 13984:2013