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Chimney tape IZOLEN

IZOLEN is a self-adhesive sealing tape on the basis of profiled aluminum with a layer of butyl glue on the whole surface.

Chimney tape IZOLENIZOLEN can be universally used for sealing (or repairing) the junctions of the installations coming through rectangular roofs. It creates a barrier for water from precipitation (e.g. snow, rain). The side covered with butyl allows to glue it onto both smooth and porous surfaces, although it is important to remember that the glued surface should be free of grease and dust.

IZOLEN tape is resistant to water, frost, dampness, UV radiation or ageing processes. It has a great gluing and sticking force, it’s easy to apply, ensures immediate sealing of the processed surfaces.

UV resistance: yes.
Commercial form: roll.
Colour: black, brown, red, cherry.
Width: 300 mm.


alumininium + butyl glue
colour black, brown, red, cherry
UV resistance yes
roll size 300 mm x 5 mb
cardboard 1 roll