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Roofing screen IDEA 175

IDEA 175 is a universal, reversible, and highly diffusive membrane.

The new product IDEA 175 features a symmetrical arrangement of non-woven material, enhancing its durability and allowing the membrane to be laid on both sides.

Efficiency through innovative foil: rapid removal of water vapor

Symmetrical arrangement of non-woven material: increased durability and adaptability.

IDEA 175 is a unique membrane that effectively combines the key properties of modern membranes. The innovative and functional foil, situated between two solid, two-component non-woven materials, enables swift and efficient removal of water vapor even when the pressure difference is minimal.

Advantages of IDEA 175 roof paravans: a combination of strength and permeability

  • Very high and consistent vapor permeability
  • Great flexibility and mechanical resistance
  • Favorable combination of high durability and high vapor permeability
  • High water resistance of cover sealing
  • High resistance to UV radiation
  • High mechanical resistance and flexibility ensuring durability
  • Use with or without board formwork
  • Comprehensive information enabling correct application
  • Diverse Applications in the Construction Industry

IDEA 175 roof paravans achieve excellent results in the construction industry. Their adaptability allows for a wide range of applications, from houses to commercial buildings, providing efficient thermal insulation and long-lasting protection.

Innovation and quality: key elements of IDEA 175

As a result of dedication to innovation and high-quality production, IDEA 175 represents a key element in modern approaches to roof protection. This product is recognized as a standard of durability and efficiency.

Options for IDEA 175 roof paravans



Mass [g/m2]

175 +/-15%

Sd –   diffusively equivalent air layer thickness [m]

(+0,02 / - 0,004)

Tearing resistance [N / 50 mm]

along 450 (+/-150)
across 320 (+/-150)

Elongation by tearing [%]

along 120 (+/-50)
across 110 (+/- 50)

Puncture resistance

along 300 (+/-100)
across 360 (+/-110)

Water tightness [class]


Standard dimensions on a roll [m]

1,5 x 50

Reaction to fire [class]