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Vapour-insulation film MSL 98

Vapour-insulation film MSL 98 is a film of exceptional endurance.

Description of the vapor barrier foil MSL 98

Vapour-insulation film MSL

This is precisely why it is applied in all places where it is important to keep thermal insulation at an appropriate distance from finishing panels (plasterboard, paneling). It plays a crucial role in roofs and framed walls where weak thermal insulation stretches ordinary vapor barrier foils during prolonged use. This leads to bulges and voids that increase heat loss. Long-term storage of thermal insulation in the same place requires a vapor barrier resistant to abrasion, as they are in constant contact, and the vapor barrier serves as support for the thermal insulation. Over a longer period, light thermal insulation shifts and slides due to the fact that the construction of walls and roofs has undergone various vibrations and loads as a result of wind action. Another reason for the application of the solid vapor-permeable foil MSL 98 is its exceptional tear resistance due to the use of solid polypropylene fabric as one of the layers.

Compliance with standards

The MSL type of foil meets the requirements of European standard EN 13984 and is marked with the CE symbol.

Application in construction

Vapor barrier foil MSL 98 is often used in the construction industry to achieve high standards of thermal insulation. Since it is crucial to maintain the stability of thermal insulation in the long term, MSL 98 is the ideal option for strengthening the vapor barrier in various constructions.

Resistance to abrasion

In addition to providing an efficient vapor barrier, MSL 98 is extremely resistant to abrasion. This property is essential in situations where thermal insulation is in constant contact with surfaces such as walls and roofs, preventing abrasion and maintaining the integrity of the thermal insulation system.

Resistance to mechanical impact

Another important characteristic of MSL 98 foil is its resistance to mechanical impact. Constructed with solid polypropylene fabric as one of the layers, this foil can withstand various types of loads and vibrations, thus preserving the integrity of the thermal insulation system over time.

Easy Installation

MSL 98 is designed for easy and quick installation, making it a practical choice for construction projects. With its simple installation process, this foil allows for efficient application even in complex situations, contributing to speeding up the construction process and reducing labor costs.


In addition to its thermal properties, MSL 98 foil also provides excellent waterproofness, protecting the interior of the construction from water and moisture infiltration. This characteristic is crucial for preserving the integrity of the insulation system and preventing the occurrence of moisture-related issues such as mold growth and material decay.

Commercial form: 75m2 roll.
Weight: 98 g/m2.
Width: 1,5 m.

Options of the vapor barrier foil MSL 98


MSL 98

Surface mass

98 g/m2+/-20%

number of layers


Mechanical properties by streching (N/5cm)



min. 275


Fire resistance class


Flexibility in low temperature

-25 st. C

Roll dimensions

1,5 x 50 m