Large format laminates

Large format laminates

Material versatility: beyond just OSB boards

Our recommendation for high-quality laminated foils provides a comprehensive solution for storing and transporting a variety of materials. This includes, but is not limited to OSB boards, wood, particleboard, and materials resistant to long-distance transport. Familiarize yourself with the diversity of applications for these foils and how they can meet the specific needs of your industry.

Open-air durability: modern long-term storage solution

Given the growing demands of the industry and the necessity to preserve material integrity, our laminated foils are designed with special consideration for the challenges of open-air storage. Consider their high resistance to atmospheric influences and their ability to preserve material properties beneath the foil, making them the optimal choice for long-term storage and transport.

Resistance to external influences: protection against weather conditions and UV radiation

Advanced features of our laminated foils provide exceptional protection against weather conditions, UV radiation, and other potentially harmful factors. Discover how these features safeguard material integrity, ensuring that your products remain unchanged even under extreme conditions.

Reliability and practicality: essential solution for industrial needs

The reliability and practicality of our laminated foils make them an indispensable solution for industries facing challenges in storing and transporting large elements. Whether you deal with construction materials or materials resistant to outdoor transport, these foils offer optimal protection, ensuring the integrity of your materials in all conditions.

Investment in safety: laminated foils for long-term material integrity

With our large-format laminated foils, you not only save money but also invest in the safety and durability of your materials. Discover how these foils make your materials resistant to the challenges that arise during storage, transport, and handling.

Innovation in protection: setting standards in the industry

With innovative technology and high performance, our laminated foils set standards in the industry. Learn how these solutions exceed expectations in protecting and packaging large-dimensional elements, providing you with peace of mind regarding the safety of your materials.