Bags SQ4 / Stabilo

SQ4 bags, also known as Stabilo bags, represent the absolute pinnacle in the field of packaging, made from laminates. With a sharp focus on stability and shape, SQ4 bags are the ideal solution for a wide range of products.

Bags SQ4 / Stabilo

Features of SQ4 bags

SQ4 bags are constructed with a side overlap and four welded seams on the edges, ensuring stability and the unity of the form of the packaged product. These bags can also have a wavy bottom, contributing to reducing visual imperfections when held horizontally. Optionally, they can be equipped with different types of straps, including both side and top handles.

Innovations in packaging

The wavy bottom of SQ4 bags represents an innovative solution that is not only functional but also adds an additional element of aesthetics. This solution positions SQ4 bags at the forefront when it comes to packaging products.

Practical flexibility

Regarding practicality, SQ4 bags offer various options. With enabled different types of straps, they provide additional flexibility in use. The choice between side and top handles also ensures easier handling and transportation of the product.

Application in different industries

SQ4 bags have found broad application in various industries, covering areas such as food, as well as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Their flexibility and the ability to package different sizes of products make them an ideal choice for diverse business needs.

Sustainability and environmental awareness

SQ4 bags are not only functional but are also oriented towards sustainability. Manufactured from laminates and the use of quality materials contribute to reducing environmental waste. This makes them an excellent choice for businesses aiming to reduce their environmental footprint and adhere to responsible practices.

Individualized packaging

SQ4 bags stand out in the ability to provide individualized packaging. Manufacturers have the opportunity to choose the color, design, and features that best suit their brand and product. This not only contributes to branding but also attracts consumer attention on the store shelf.

SQ4 bags not only excel in technical aspects but also represent a complete package for businesses in different industries. With their ability to adapt to various needs and standards, SQ4 bags leave a lasting impression as a solution for modern and efficient packaging.