Technical fabrics and spunbond nonwovens

Spunbond nonwovens

The Spunbond nonwovens are modern materials which allow us to solve various problems of numerous brands at minimal cost, while continuously broadening its range of use.

They are used not only as self-contained materials, offering low masses by relatively high resistance, but also as additions to other products.

MARMA offers nonwovens in width of 3.20 cm, produced by means of mono- (PP) and bi-component (PP+PP and PP+PE) technology. In the second case, the elementary polypropylene fiber is situated in polypropylene lagging of different parameters or in polyethylene.

Thanks to that, it is possible to obtain higher level of softness of the nonwoven, smoother texture, higher flexibility and an improvement in quality for hygienic applications (diapers, sanitary towels). For applications in building industry (roof construction, thermal and acoustic insulations) and for automotive industry (insulations, soundproofing, upholstery elements, etc.) spunbond nonwovens offer wider range of possibilities of cementing with other materials.

The range of possible grammage: 10-150g/m2.

Thanks to our wide range of production possibilities, nonwovens can be used:

  • In furniture industry: linings, spring coverage, pockets for springs, sliding coverage under covering material, coverage for foams and flossy nonwovens, linings for pillow and bed rest production, coverage for headrests in trains, buses.
Substance Usage
15,17g/m2 As a sliding layer between the foam and upholstery, the so-called „slider”
30,40,50g/m2 Pillow filling material, which helps to retain the expected shape
60,70,90g/m2 As a upholstery material for invisible parts of furniture (back walls and bottoms of the upholstered furniture)


  • for packaging protective and medical clothing: disposable clothes, gloves, caps, bonnets, shoe protectors, surgical clothing.
Substance Usage
14 g/m2 Medical masks (outer layer), medical caps
17 g/m2 Medical caps, disposable sheet and film sheet
25 g/m2 One-layer medical masks, aprons, disposable linen, disposable sheet and film sheet
30 g/m2 Shoe cover, disposable sheet and film sheet
40 g/m2  
45 g/m2 Disposable sheet and film sheet


  • for production of sanitary and medical articles like sanitary towels, diapers, bandages, adhesive plaster, dressings, compresses
  • for production of filter cartridges, detergents, protective clothing
  • in shoe and purse making industry: linings, pockets, partitions, maskings in products such as: bags, backpacks, haversacks, belts, cases, etc.
  • in production of multi-layer insulation and heat-insulation materials used in building industry.

A separate category is constituted by the collection of agricultural nonwovens AGROSPEED.