Barrier films

Barrier Films: Enhanced Protection and Product Freshness. Depending on the specific requirements of the packaged product, the type of packaging, and storage conditions, our range includes films with medium to high barrier properties.

Barier foils

Barrier foils: innovative options for perfect protection

This group encompasses films and laminated materials, with a key layer made of barrier materials such as EVOH, BOPA, OPP/PET metallized film, or ALU foil. This packaging provides exceptional barriers against harmful elements like oxygen, UV radiation, water vapor, and undesirable odors. Simultaneously, it preserves the aroma and freshness of the packaged product, offering optimal protection. It is ideal for packaging in a modified atmosphere or vacuum packaging.

Customized options for your needs

We tailor our barrier films to the specific needs of our customers, providing exceptional protection for products. Whether you require modified packaging in a controlled atmosphere or vacuum packaging, we offer flexibility in choosing solutions.

Innovative technology for extended freshness

Our production technology for barrier films includes innovative processes, ensuring prolonged freshness and preservation of product quality. The adaptability of film thickness and structure to the specifics of your product allows for an efficient packaging solution.

Sustainability in focus

Committed to sustainability, we integrate environmentally conscious approaches into the production of our barrier films. We use materials that are environmentally friendly, and our production processes are optimized to reduce environmental impact.

Quality control for your product's safety

Our commitment to quality is reflected in thorough control at every stage of production. We employ the latest technologies and standards to ensure that our barrier films meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Unique solutions for different industries

With a broad portfolio of barrier films, we provide unique solutions for various industries, including the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic sectors. Our team of experts collaborates with clients to develop customized packaging options tailored to the specificities of each market.

Contact us for personalized solutions

Our ultimate goal is to provide quality solutions that meet your packaging needs, ensuring optimal protection and extended freshness of products. Reach out to learn more about our wide range of barrier films and customized solutions for your unique packaging requirements.