Advantages of IDEA 175 roofing paravans: a combination of strength and permeability

Exceptional vapor permeability: With high and consistent vapor permeability, IDEA 175 roofing paravans ensure an optimal environment beneath the cover, preventing condensation, and improving ventilation.

Flexibility and mechanical resistance of IDEA 175 roofing paravans

Advantages of IDEA 175 roofing paravans: a combination of strength and permeability

The material of the paravans is characterized by great flexibility and mechanical resistance, providing durability even in challenging conditions.

Combination of vapor permeability and durability of IDEA 175

The favorable combination of high durability and vapor permeability makes IDEA 175 paravans a perfect choice for roofing structures that require strong protection and good ventilation.

High waterproofing of IDEA 175 roofing paravans

The sealing of the cover with high waterproofing ensures a secure barrier against water infiltration, protecting the interior space from potential damage.

UV radiation resistance

IDEA 175 roofing paravans exhibit high resistance to UV radiation, extending their lifespan and preserving their aesthetic appearance over time.

Mechanical resistance and flexibility for long-lasting durability

Guaranteed high mechanical resistance and flexibility of the material contribute to the longevity of the paravans, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Adaptability in the construction industry

These paravans can be used both with and without sheeting, providing flexibility in construction projects.

Comprehensive information for proper application

Attached comprehensive information allows for the correct application of paravans in different situations, facilitating installation and maintenance.

Diverse applications in the construction industry

IDEA 175 paravans have a wide range of applications in the construction industry, providing efficient and reliable protection in various projects.

Investment in a long-lasting roofing system

The excellent features and performance of IDEA 175 paravans make them an investment in a long-lasting roofing system, saving resources over time and ensuring quality protection.

Easy installation and use

IDEA 175 roofing paravans are characterized by easy installation, reducing the need for complex procedures and enabling faster completion of construction projects. This convenience makes them an accessible solution even for less experienced contractors.

Adaptability to different roofing materials

Regardless of the type of roofing material used, IDEA 175 paravans easily adapt to different types of covers, providing versatile support in construction projects.

Efficient thermal insulation

With high vapor permeability comes efficient thermal insulation, reducing heating and cooling costs inside the building. This makes IDEA 175 paravans ideal for various climate conditions.

Certified quality

IDEA 175 roofing paravans are produced in accordance with the highest quality standards, as confirmed by relevant certificates. This certified quality provides additional confidence in the durability and performance of the product.

These additional details expand the understanding of the advantages of IDEA 175 roofing paravans, emphasizing their adaptability, ecological sustainability, thermal insulation, quality, and ease of use.