Laminated bags with a side gusset

Bags made of PE/PE laminate with a side insert represent a high-quality solution for packaging various products weighing up to 25 kg, combining durability, practicality, and environmental awareness.

Perfect solution for packaging various products: high-quality material for exceptional strength

These bags are crafted from high-quality PE/PE laminate, providing exceptional strength and protection for the packaged contents. This material is renowned for its resistance to tearing and leaking, ensuring the integrity of the packaged items.

Versatility in packaging up to 25 kg

With a carrying capacity of up to 25 kg, laminated bags are ideal for packaging a variety of products, whether it be food, chemicals, or construction materials, adapting to the needs of different industries.

Additional security with side insert

The innovative side insert further enhances the stability of the bag, ensuring that products remain untouched during transportation or storage. This is crucial for preserving the integrity of the contents, especially during long-distance transportation.

Ease of transport and handling for business efficiency

Designed with a focus on practicality, laminated bags with a side insert enable easy handling and efficient transportation of products. This not only saves time but also increases the efficiency of the supply chain.

Wide application across different industries

These bags are adaptable and can be used in various sectors, including the food, chemical, construction, and many other industries. Their broad application makes them highly useful and flexible for packaging needs.

Design innovations: access opening for easy reach

In addition to the side insert, some variations of laminated bags come with additional design innovations, such as a special opening that facilitates easy access to the contents. This feature is particularly useful in industries like food, where quick and easy access to products often plays a crucial role in operational efficiency.

Quality and product safety guarantee

In addition to the mentioned benefits, laminated bags with a side insert provide a guarantee of quality and product safety. The materials used in production meet the highest standards, ensuring that the products inside the bags reach end-users in perfect condition, building consumer trust.

Modern packaging for contemporary needs

These additional features make laminated bags with a side insert not only practical but also an adaptable solution for diverse market demands. Whether it's efficient packaging, brand marketing, or preserving product quality, these bags offer a comprehensive solution for the modern needs of the industry. Laminated bags with a side insert represent a contemporary solution for secure and efficient packaging of products up to 25 kg, making them an ideal choice for various industries requiring reliable and sustainable packaging.