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Roofing screen 215: enhanced membrane version

Roof screen are an improved version of membranes used in the initial roof covering. They serve the same function but are more reliable and durable. They can be applied in the toughest conditions and places on the roof.

Roofing screen 215

Combination of durability and breathability

Roof screen produced by "Marma Polskie Folie" combine high durability and high breathability thanks to the latest technologies.

Advantages of roof screen 215

High and Uniform Breathability: Enables optimal air circulation under the roof, preventing condensation and maintaining dryness.

High Elasticity and Low Weight: Facilitates membrane installation and adjustment, making the installation process more efficient.

Waterproofing and Roof Sealing: Ensures reliable protection against moisture and water infiltration, extending the roof's lifespan.

Very High Mechanical Durability: Resistance to mechanical damage ensures long-lasting protection for the roof and structures underneath.

Very High UV Resistance: Preserve the aesthetics and functionality of the roof for many years without worrying about degradation due to sunlight.

Wide Range of Products: Product variety provides the possibility of choosing the optimal membrane that suits specific requirements and circumstances.

Environmental Awareness and Sustainability: Membranes are designed with a focus on environmental awareness and sustainability, reducing the negative impact on the environment during production and use.

Adaptability to Different Climatic Conditions: Resistance to extreme weather conditions ensures reliable roof protection regardless of the region or climate conditions.

Economy and Long-Term Investment: Investing in roof screen 215 represents a long-term investment in the safety, functionality, and value of your property.

Innovative technologies and materials

Roof screen 215 use innovative technologies and high-quality materials to provide the best possible protection and performance. This includes the use of special polymer compounds that ensure durability and flexibility in various conditions.

Abrasion and chemical resistance

The membranes are designed to withstand abrasion and chemical agents that can cause damage. This resistance makes them an ideal solution for industrial and commercial buildings exposed to aggressive environments.

Reduced maintenance costs

Thanks to their durability and longevity, roof screen 215 reduce the need for regular roof maintenance. This not only saves money over time but also reduces disruptions and costs associated with maintenance.

Aesthetic aspects and design options

In addition to their functional characteristics, roof screen 215 also provide aesthetic value. With a wide range of colors, textures, and finishes, they allow for the creation of roofs that aesthetically fit into various architectural styles.

Fire protection

Safety is essential when it comes to roof protection. Roof screen 215 provide high-level fire protection, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring the safety of the building and its occupants.

Resistance to atmospheric influences

Some roofs are exposed to extreme atmospheric influences such as strong winds, rain, snow, or ice. Roof screen 215 are designed to withstand these challenges and provide reliable protection in all weather conditions.

Quality and safety certifications

To ensure high quality and safety, roof screen 215 often come with certifications confirming their performance and compliance with relevant standards and regulations.

Installation flexibility

The membranes are designed to be easy to install, providing flexibility in the installation process. This allows for faster and more efficient roof construction, reducing labor costs and the time needed to complete the project.

Reduction of heat losses

Roof screen 215 provide additional insulation and reduce heat losses through the roof structure. This can contribute to reducing the energy costs of the building, making them more economical to maintain.

Quality and performance guarantee

Most manufacturers of roof screen 215 provide a warranty on the quality and performance of their products, providing additional security and peace of mind to users throughout the roof's lifespan.

Options for Roof screen 215

Advantages of roofing screen 215

  • high and uniform vapour permeability,
  • high elasticy and lightweight to facilitate instalation,
  • waterproof, sealing the roof,
  • very high mechanical durability,
  • very high resistance to UV radiation,
  • wide product range to facilitate the choice of a proper membrane,
  • complete information available for proper installation.
material PP
Mass [g/m2] 215/+/-20
Sd – diffusively equivalent air layer thickness (m) 



Tearing resistance [N / 5cm]

along 400 (+/-100)

across 280 (+/-100)

Elongation by tearing  [%] along 70 (+/-40)
across 90 (+/-40)
Water tightness W1
Standard dimensions on a roll (m)  1,6m x 50m
Reaction to fire