Doypack bags

"Stand Up Pouch" bags represent a revolutionary packaging available in various sizes, allowing for the packaging of products ranging from 100g to an impressive 10kg. This type of packaging not only meets the technical requirements of the product but also fulfills the aesthetic standards that satisfy the expectations of discerning customers.

Doypack bags

Materials and colors

The choice of materials for the bags adapts to the specific requirements of the product, providing optimal protection. With the option to choose up to 10 colors, "Stand Up Pouch" bags become not only a functional solution but also a means for the visual appeal of the product.

Technical innovations

  • Gusseted bottom: this feature allows the bag to stand stably and firmly, particularly important for packaging heavier products.
  • Easy opening: simple bag opening makes using the product quick and effortless, providing convenience to consumers.
  • Laser cutting: precise cutting contributes to the aesthetic appearance of the bag and ensures secure closure.

Additional functionalities

  • Transparent window: enables consumers to visually assess the product, enhancing the shopping experience.
  • Ventilation perforation: ensures optimal air circulation, preserving the freshness of the product and extending its shelf life.
  • Top slider and hidden slider: two different approaches to closure provide additional flexibility and convenience.

Aesthetic design

  • Front cord and top cord: adding a touch of elegance, these elements make the bag unique and easily recognizable on the shelves.
  • Adhesive tape: assists in securely sealing the bag, protecting the product from external influences.

Additional options

  • Side handle: allows for easier carrying of the bag, particularly crucial for larger packages from 5kg to 10kg.
  • Valve: an additional feature that ensures optimal pressure inside the bag, maintaining the integrity of the product.

Aesthetic finish

  • Manual cut, glossy, and matte gloss finish: these options add an extra dimension to the bag's design, providing a glossy or matte finish according to the brand's preferences.

Additional features

  • Rounded edges: aesthetically contributes to the design, making the bag pleasant to handle.
  • Euro hanging and pocket zipper: these functionalities offer additional options for presenting the product in stores.

With a range of innovations and options they provide, "Stand Up Pouch" bags represent a top-tier packaging solution that satisfies the technical and aesthetic requirements of the modern market.