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Izol Bud film is the best quality product.

IZOL BUDIt is a three-layer film, adapted to Polish climate conditions, of the quality confirmed on building sites and other objects of various character and destination. The choice of the thickness depends on the functions which it has to fulfill on building sites.

Izol Bud 0,15mm is designed for:

  • covering building elevation and window woodwork during finishing works.
  • covering and protection from bad weather conditions of working posts and building materials during transportation and storage. waterproofing layers of thermal and acoustic insulation in floor constructions. makeshift protection of roof slopes.
  • protection of waterproof insulation made of other materials.

Izol Bud 0,2 is applied as 0,15 and additionally for:

  • sliding layer in terrace surfacevapour-insulation in frame constructions of walls and roofs.

Izol bud 0,3 is applied as 0,2 and additionally for:

  • vapour-insulation of ceilings and flat roofs.
  • damp-proof insulation of underground parts of buildings. horizontal damp-proof insulation of foundations.

Original Izol Bud only with MPF winding «Technical approval ITB AT-15-2723/00 — original»

Parameter Izol-Bud 0,15 Izol-Bud 0,2 Izol-Bud 0,3
Thickness (mm) 0,15 +/-30% 0,2 +/-30% 0,3 +/-30%
Number of layers 3 3 3
Colour black black black
Standard roll dimensions (m) 4,5,6,8,12 +/-30% x33 (or against order) 4,5,6,8,12 +/-30% x33 (or against order) 4,5,6,8,12 +/-30% x33 (or against order)