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The vapour-insulation films MSL

The vapour-insulation films MSL 115 AL MAX and MSL 135 AL MAX are films which combine best characteristics of MSL 98 film and ML AL type films.

Description of the steam insulation foil MSL

The vapour-insulation films MSLThe main characteristics of the MAX films are both: the highest diffusion resistance in comparison to other vapour-insulations and a very good mechanical strength.

A very low vapour-permeability is the result of sealing by means of dusting aluminium. It is extremely important in all the applications where maximum sealing of the wall barrier must be obtained. It applies to all the roofs and frame walls which cannot be ventilated due to many different reasons. Such situations occur in cases of roofs and walls being repaired, in which it is impossible to create ventilation of the cover or elevation. Thanks to the dusted aluminium, vapour-insulation acts like a mirror reflecting sun rays. It is crucial for the rooms which are heated by means of the appliances which emit large quantities of heat radiation. The heat spreads through the rooms as radiation, which can be reflected by the mirror surfaces. Application of this type of vapour-insulation under the drywalls contributes to some energy savings, because its surface reflects the amount of radiation which penetrates under the drywalls.

Application of the steam insulation foil MSL

Thanks to their high mechanical parameters, MAX vapour-insulation films can be applied also in every place where the thermo-insulation has to be retained in the relevant distance from the boards acting as finishing of the rooms (drywalls, panelling). It is very important in roofs and bearing walls where the loosely applied thermo-insulation stretches regular vapour-insulation for many years, which results in appearance of bulges and voids, increasing the losses of heat. Keeping thermo-insulation in the same place for a long period of time demands very good resistance from vapour-insulation which remains in contact with thermo-insulation and supports it at the same time. In longer periods of time, light thermo-insulation moves and subsides due to vibrations and stresses caused by wind to the construction of walls and roofs. Vapour-insulation films type MSL AL MAX fulfil the requirements of the European norm EN 13984 and are marked with CE symbol.

Commercial form: 75m2 roll.
Colour: silver.
Weight: 115-135 g/m2.
Width: 1,5.

Options of the steam insulation foil MSL

numbers of layers 3 3

Mechanical properties by streching (N/5cm)




min. 450 N/50mm
min. 400 N/50mm


min. 450 N/50mm
min. 400 N/50mm

Diffusional resistance 360×109 m2s Pa/kg ± 25% 360×109 m2s Pa/kg ± 25%
Colour srebrny srebrny
Dimensions on a roll 1,5×50 m 1,5×50 m
Reaction to fire F F