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Tapes For Fastening Building films

Set of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes for fastening roof membranes and vapour-insulations.

MARMA W1 tapeMARMA W1 tape

One-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, on polypropylene nonwoven base, in a width of 75mm, used for:

fastening layers of DACHOWA membranes together;

fixing DACHOWA membranes;

fastening DACHOWA membranes to wood, plastics and metals.

MARMA SB2 tapeMARMA SB2 tape

Butyl (always flexible) double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, in a width of 15mm, used for:

fastening DACHOWA membranes to chimney walls and dormers and to flashings and plastics;

air-tight fastening of vapour-insulation films and vapour regulators to walls and wooden constructions.

MARMA N2 tapeMARMA N2 tape

Double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, in a width of 30mm, used for:

fastening DACHOWA membranes to flashings (eaves and gutter flashings) and plastics;

fixing DACHOWA membranes and vapour-insulations;

fastening vapour-insulation films and vapour regulators to metal elements and wooden constructions.

MARMA K1 tapeMARMA K1 tape

MARMA K1 tape is a perfect solution for sealing and insulating. It is applied on places, where roof films and membranes are fixed to the roof construction. It can also be used under counter-battens or under aluminium profiles. Thanks to its outstanding properties, MARMA K1 tape eliminates every possibility of water leaking into thermal insulation and onto rafters through the holes done by roof staples and nails during assembly. The tape is characterized by resistance to UV radiation, temperature fluctuations, weather conditions and ageing processes. It is crucial to remember that the surfaces on which the tape is to be used must be free of dust and other pollutions.

Parameter Type Carrier type Glue type Application Dimensions
(cm x m)
MARMA W1 one-sided self-adhesive PP non-woven rubber for membrane fastening and fixing 5 x 20 24 pieces/package
MARMA SB2 two-sided adhesive PE film acrylic fastening PE films 5 x 20 40 pieces/package
MARMA N2 two-sided self-adhesive mesh acrylic fastening PE films, PP and other materials 1,9 x 20 32 pieces/package
MARMA K1 one-sided self-adhesive PE foam rubber sealing of seams 4 x 30 12 pieces/package