Polyolefin nets

The use of fence mesh

Fence net offered by Marma Polskie Folie may be used to reinforce a garden pond or to protect the lawn from moles, voles and other rodents.

While planning a construction of your own garden pond you should start from setting the pond borders. It can be done by means of wooden pins linked with a rope or a coloured tape (it will be visible from different places in your garden, which facilitates your decision on an optimum shape of the pond before you start any excavation works).

The pond walls should not be vertical. Remember to build it inclined at a certain angle and to plan profiled platforms for vegetation.

The bottom should be free of stones, glass, and sticks that may damage the film. Cover the bottom with a few centimeters of sand.

Now you can apply the AKWEN 500 film onto this background. The film should be installed in sunny weather, at the temperature of more than 20°C. Place the film over the excavated area and drop it in such a way that first it touches the deepest part of the bottom. Then lay it down from the bottom to the top. Do not stretch the film, it should be laid loosely.

It is recommended to apply a fence net on the installed film. Thanks to its flexibility these nets are perfect for applications in small garden architecture. Such an additional reinforcement increases strength and quality of the pond significantly.

Fence net can be used as a protection of the lawns from moles, voles and other rodents. This net is also applied as a scarp and embankment reinforcement, which protects the ground from subsiding.