Valve bag soldered with side gusset

The valve bag with soldered side insert represents a cutting-edge technological innovation in the field of packaging. This progressive approach offers numerous advantages in terms of sustainability and efficiency.

Top valve filling: fast and efficient

Valve bag welded with side gusset

The unique feature of this valve bag is the ability to fill it through a valve located at the top of the packaging. This process makes filling quick and efficient, thereby enhancing the overall production process.

Without glue: complete recyclability

Unlike conventional valve bags, this one is manufactured without the use of glue. This innovation has a significant ecological impact, making the valve bag completely recyclable. Sustainability becomes a key component in the world of packaging, and this valve bag fulfills those requirements in the best possible way.

Applicability with lower melting point foil: ideal for specific products

In combination with lower melting point foil, this valve bag becomes ideal for products that require additional attention during the technological process. For example, it is used in the packaging of road paints, where the bag, along with the packaged product, enters further production processes.

Microperforation for ventilation: maintaining product quality

Available in a version with two foils with offset microperforation, this innovative feature ensures ventilation during packaging, preventing the dusting of the packaged product. The quality of the product remains unchanged, and the user receives a fresh product that meets the highest standards.

Long-term sustainability: reducing environmental impact

The valve bag with soldered side insert represents a long-term sustainable solution. Its ability for complete recyclability contributes to reducing environmental impact and supports global efforts towards environmental conservation. This aspect positions this type of packaging as a leader in the sphere of environmental responsibility.

Wide range of applications: adaptable to various industries

The valve bag with soldered side insert is not limited to a specific industry. With its adaptability, it can be used in various sectors, including the food, chemical, and construction material industries. This makes this innovation extremely valuable for a wide range of business needs.

Efficient packaging: preserving freshness and product quality

Another key advantage of the valve bag with soldered side insert is the efficiency of packaging. With a carefully designed layout, this packaging protects products from external influences, preserving their freshness and quality throughout the entire supply chain.

In conclusion, the valve bag with soldered side insert is not only a current solution for improving packaging but also a key component of the future of sustainable and efficient packaging industries. Its innovative design, ecological sustainability, and broad applicability make it a leader in the evolution of the packaging industry towards a more sustainable future.