Thermoshrinkable films

Thermoshrinkable films are an efficient means of protecting products during transportation and storage. These films are easier and faster to use compared to traditional methods of product wrapping.

Thermoshrinkable films Here are some key pieces of information about thermoshrinkable films:

Quick and Easy Wrapping: Thermoshrinkable films enable a rapid and straightforward process for wrapping products. They are simply applied to the product, and then heat is applied to make the film shrink and tightly encase the product. This process requires minimal effort and time.

  • Product Protection: These films provide exceptional protection for products during transportation and storage. They safeguard products from dust, moisture, sunlight, and other potentially harmful elements. This is crucial for preserving product quality and preventing damage.
  • Customization: Color, printing, and other details on the film can be customized to meet the needs and requirements of customers. This allows for personalized packaging and brand promotion.
  • Ideal for Various Products: Thermoshrinkable films are suitable for different types of products, regardless of their shape or size. They can be used for wrapping individual products, groups of products, or pallets.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Utilizing thermoshrinkable films can significantly reduce costs and the time required for product wrapping. This can lead to increased productivity and reduced losses.
  • Environmental Awareness: Many thermoshrinkable films are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. This helps reduce the environmental impact of packaging.

In conclusion, thermoshrinkable films are an effective way to protect products during transportation and storage. Their quick application, customization options, and protective properties make them a popular choice among manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

Application of thermoshrinkable films

products type scheme application
belt Thermo-shrinkable films
  • packing machines:
    mineral fertilizers, chemical products
  • packing machines for hygienic products, such as: paper towels, toilet papers
  • industrial, and technical articles
  • for packaging construction and insulating materials, such as: foam polystyrene, rock wool, sheetrock
  • Mineral water, beverages, etc. multipacks.
  • Packaging palette units such as: building ceramics, glass packaging, insulating materials
two folded sleeve Thermo-shrinkable films
hood Thermo-shrinkable films