Polyolefin nets

Anti-mole nets: strong protection for your lawn

The netting is used to protect lawns from moles, voles, and other rodents. Additionally, the net strengthens and stabilizes the soil without interfering with the proper development of the plant's root system.

Anti-mole nets

Advantages of mole netting:

  • Commercial Form: Roll 1m; 2m/ 50m; 100m; 200m; 300m.
  • Roll Width: 1m, 2m.
  • Mesh Size: 16×16 mm.
  • Weight: 30 g/m2.
  • Color: Black.

Mole netting can be used to protect lawns from moles, voles, and other rodents. It can also be applied as reinforcement for sections and embankments that protect the soil from settling.

Effective mole netting for your garden

Moles, voles, and other rodents can devastate your beautiful lawn. Fortunately, mole netting provides reliable protection.

Long-lasting protection:

The netting is available in various commercial forms, providing you with flexibility in selection. Regardless of the size of your lawn, there is an appropriate roll.

Preservation of soil:

In addition to protecting against moles, the netting further strengthens the soil, preventing settling and ensuring stability.

Non-interference with plant growth:

It is important to note that the netting does not interfere with the proper growth of the plant's root system, ensuring a healthy and lush lawn.

Practical application of netting:

Mole netting is not just for lawns. It can be used as reinforcement for various constructions, ensuring long-term protection of the soil from erosion and settling.

Additional importance of using mole netting

Let your lawn remain untouched and healthy with the help of mole netting. Choose reliable protection that will ensure the long-term security of your garden.

This type of protection not only safeguards lawns from damage but also provides an environmentally friendly solution for rodent control.