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Insect screen

Insects pose a serious challenge to orchards, vegetable gardens, and greenhouses worldwide. One effective way to protect crops from harmful insects is through the use of insect screens. These screens have become a popular choice among farmers due to their practicality and efficiency.

Insect screen

Advantages of using insect screens

By using insect screens as a shield for fruits and vegetables, farmers can significantly reduce the damage caused by insects. Here are several key advantages of using these screens:

Orchard and vegetable garden protection

Insect screens effectively prevent insects from damaging fruits and vegetables. In orchards of strawberries, raspberries, and vineyards, these screens are installed as barriers that prevent insects from entering, ensuring high-quality and healthy harvests.

Preservation of insect pollinators

They function perfectly in retaining insect pollinators in greenhouses and garden tunnels. These screens allow airflow and light passage while preventing the entry of harmful insects. This is particularly important for pollinators such as bees, which are crucial for successful plant pollination.

Reduction in pesticide use

By using insect screens, farmers can reduce pesticide use. This not only provides a more environmentally friendly solution but also reduces production costs and protects the health of humans and animals.

Additional benefits of insect screens

In addition to the well-known advantages, insect screens offer several other benefits that contribute to the efficiency and profitability of agricultural production:

Disease spread control

Insect screens not only prevent harmful insects from entering crops but also reduce the possibility of disease transmission that can be carried by insects. This reduces the need for treating plants with antibiotics or fungicides.

Protection from weather events

In addition to protecting crops from insects, insect screens also provide some protection from extreme weather conditions. They can act as a mild shield against strong winds, hail, or excessive sunlight, which can help preserve plant health.

Extended growing season

By using insect screens, farmers can extend the growing season of crops. These screens allow for control of temperature and humidity, creating favorable conditions for plant growth and extending the period in which they can be cultivated.

Economical and sustainable

Although insect screens represent an initial cost, they can bring significant savings in the long term. Reduced pesticide use, increased crop productivity, and extended growing seasons all contribute to the economic and environmental sustainability of agricultural production.

Insect screens are an essential tool in modern agriculture. Their use provides many benefits, including crop protection, preservation of insect pollinators, reduction in pesticide use, and control of disease spread. Integrating these screens into agricultural practices can improve productivity, profitability, and sustainability of crops worldwide.

Advantages of insect screens:

Mesh size: 5×5 mm.
Mass : 40 gm2 +/-10%.
Colour : transpatent.
Trade form: 1×200 m, 2×200 m.
Roll width: 1 m, 2 m.