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DACHVENT 140 roofing membranes

DACHVENT roofing membranes are used as the primary roofing material for pitched roofs. DACHVENT 140 roofing membranes prevent the penetration of rain and snow into thermal insulation and roof structures. They protect against condensation beneath the primary roofing material. Additionally, thanks to their high vapor permeability, they keep the entire roof dry, which is particularly crucial for energy savings in buildings.


DACHVENT 140: innovative roofing membranes for preserving your roof

DACHVENT 140 roofing membranes represent an innovative choice as the initial roofing material for pitched roofs, providing exceptional protection and longevity. These membranes not only prevent the infiltration of rain and snow into thermal insulation and roof structures but also offer a range of other benefits that make their use essential for the optimal preservation of your home.

Protection against elemental disasters

DACHVENT roofing membranes are positioned as a crucial barrier against disasters. They resist the penetration of rain and snow, ensuring the preservation of the thermal insulation and the roof's integrity. This is essential for extending the lifespan of the roofing system and maintaining the internal atmosphere of the home.

Condensation prevention

In addition to protection from external elements, these membranes play a crucial role in preventing condensation beneath the primary roofing material. Their high vapor permeability allows for the maintenance of a dry roof, crucial for the energy efficiency of buildings. By eliminating condensation, the risk of damage is reduced, extending the roof's lifespan.

Versatile applications and easy installation

DACHVENT 140 roofing membranes are not only used as initial material but are also frequently applied for complete roof coverage. Their high elasticity and low weight make installation straightforward, while waterproofing and sealing provide exceptional reliability in various weather conditions.

Positive characteristics of the membranes:

  • High and Uniform Vapor Permeability: Ensures optimal air circulation, keeping the roof dry and efficient.
  • High Elasticity and Low Weight: Facilitates the installation process, making it more efficient and cost-effective.
  • Waterproofing and Roof Sealing: Provides an impervious barrier against water, ensuring long-lasting protection.
  • High Mechanical Durability: Resistance to damage and abrasion, extending the membrane's lifespan.
  • UV Radiation Resistance: Protection against harmful sun rays, preserving material integrity over time.
  • Wide Range of Products: Extensive selection allows adaptation to specific needs, ensuring an optimal membrane choice.
  • Availability of Installation Information: Comprehensive information facilitates proper installation, reducing the risk of errors and improving overall efficiency.

In conclusion, DACHVENT 140 roofing membranes not only provide essential protection against external elements but also enhance energy efficiency, making them a comprehensive solution for maintaining the integrity of your roof. Exceptional characteristics, combined with a broad product range, make them the right choice for those seeking a durable and efficient solution for their roof.

material PP
Mass [g/m2] 135/+/-15
Sd – diffusively equivalent air layer thickness (m) 



Tearing resistance [N / 5cm]

along 280 (+60/- 80)

across 190 (+60/- 80)

Elongation by tearing  [%] along 70 (+/-40)
across 90 (+/-40)
Water tightness W1
Standard dimensions on a roll (m)  1,6m x 50m
Reaction to fire