Polyolefin nets

Specialist nets

The group of specialist nets.

Specialist netsThe group of specialist nets includes:

  • road enclosure type M6,M17
  • soil stabilization Bruk-Skarp type M7,M19
  • technical type T 2

Commercial form: belt/roll.
Colour: orange, black, green.
Weight: 110, 270, 350 +/- 10%.

Road enclosure
type M6,M17
45x35 350 +/-10% orange, black used as snow fence, tree and bush protection against animals. Can also be used for fencing building sites, and other structures (especially in warning colors) belt 1,2m
25m;50 m roll
soil stabilization 
type M7,M19
45x100 110 +/-10% orange, black for ground stabilization and as warning fencing in building sites, by ground works, road constructions, fencing house gardens, etc. As tree and bush protection against animals or as snow fence. Thans to stretching processes carried out in optimal conditions, the net is very light but very resistant. belt 1,2m
50m roll
type T 2
7x7 270 +/-10% green Temporary fences in poultry farming, trees and bushes protection against animals. For technical applications as partitions, isolation separators in melioration, ground, scarp and embankment reinforcement. By road construction - as subsoil reinforcement. By motorway construction, for "deflecting" wind and light. belt 1,2m
50m roll