Technical fabrics and spunbond nonwovens

Fabrics for the construction of acoustic screens

MARMA POLSKIE FOLIE, expressing its ecological approach to the issue of protection against noise, offers technical fabrics and polyethylene mesh intended for the construction of noise barriers Green Wall.

The technical fabric is made using technology and components that allow it to achieve exceptional durability and resistance to external factors, e.g. to UV radiation. This fabric protects the internal structure of the panels, positively affecting the stability of their parameters. We offer fabric for acoustic screens in three standard widths: 1.1 m; 1.6m; 2.1m. This fabric is made in green, thanks to which the acoustic screen gains a natural look adapted to the environment.

UV resistance: yes.
Color: green, brown.
Width: 1.1; 1.6; 2.1m