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IZOVENT EXTRA ridge tape is used for sealing ridge tiles on ventilated inclined roof covers lying on battens and counter-battens.

Ridge tape IZOVENT EXTRAIt is installed on the ridges and hips, under ridge tiles, onto the already-installed covers. The tape ensures good conditions for slopes ventilation and protects them from water (snow and rainfall) as well as dust penetration underneath the cover.

IZOVENT EXTRA is used for roofs covered with roofing sheet and plain tiles. These kinds of roofs require using a tape of higher aeration, which will facilitate their ventilation.

IZOVENT EXTRA consists of two stripes of aluminum tape and a polypropylene fabric of higher aeration between them. Specifically profiled edges of the tape, make it easy to be applied on every type of roof cover, as well as serve the purpose of efficient disposal of water from precipitation. Butyl layer placed on the edges allows permanent connection of the tape with the roof cover. The tape glues on both smooth and porous surfaces, although it is important to remembered that the glued surface should be free of grease and dust.


alumininium butyl-covered
+ PP net of a high aeration 

colour black, brown, brick-red, cherry-red
UV resistance yes
Ageing resistance yes
roll size 180,240, 310 x5 mb *
box 4 rolls
* other sizes on customer’s demand