Low vapor permeable membranes

Low vapor permeable membranes represent a high-tech material that provides effective protection and optimal moisture regulation within the roofing system.

Functionality of micro perforation

Low vapor permeable membranes

Thanks to micro perforation, the membranes allow the release of water vapor while simultaneously acting as a barrier against external elements such as dust, wind, and water.

Reinforcement with polypropylene mesh

ML membranes are three-layered films, reinforced with polypropylene mesh, giving them exceptional tear resistance and extending their lifespan.

Compliance with european standards

ML type membranes meet all the requirements of the European standard EN 13859-1:2005 and carry the CE mark, guaranteeing a high level of quality and reliability.

Application in various conditions

Low vapor permeable membranes are ideal for use in different climatic conditions and geographical areas, providing reliable protection against moisture and other hazards.

Preservation of roof structure integrity

Through efficient moisture regulation, these membranes contribute to preserving the integrity of the roof structure and extending the lifespan of the entire roofing system.

Practical and economical solutions

Low vapor permeable membranes offer practical and economical solutions for achieving optimal roof protection with minimal maintenance and long-term durability.

Wide range of applications

Low vapor permeable membranes have a wide range of applications, from private homes to commercial buildings, providing the same reliable protection regardless of the size or complexity of the roofing system.

Sustainability and cost-effectiveness

In addition to providing moisture protection, these membranes also contribute to the sustainability of your home, reducing the need for energy consumption and extending the lifespan of the roof.

Advanced manufacturing technologies

Manufactured using advanced technologies, low vapor permeable membranes combine high efficiency with minimal environmental impact, making them the ideal choice for modern builders and architects.

Quality without compromise

Our commitment to quality without compromise ensures that every low vapor permeable membrane you use provides optimal protection and durability, keeping your home safe from unforeseen circumstances.

Continuous improvement

We are constantly working to improve our products to meet the increasing demands of the market and to provide the latest technological innovations in the field of roofing materials.